Hi, my name is Cyma Parbhu.

Iā€™m 22 years old with an Undergraduate degree in Media Design from Victoria University of Wellington.

Recently, I have been an event co-organiser working to bring an international exhibition to Wellington in Waitangi Park. I was able to combine my design with this newfound interest in event organising to create multiple events, create and manage a website, manage social media platforms/create social media content and communicate with a range of people from New Zealand. 

After finishing my academic year in 2016, I spent five months travelling around India, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. This experience has further invoked my interest in cultures, both others and mine, influencing a new take and appreciation for the way I design. Sustainability has largely impacted my design thinking and designing ā€“ aiming to create positive environmental impact through skilful design. Incorporating this with cultural sensitivity means I aim to create consciously designed works.

CV available upon request.